IT maintenance

IT maintenance is the easiest and most efficient way for managing company IT infrastructure.
Standard service consists mostly from computers, servers and network devices. IITEE's responsibility is to provide stabile work of IT infrastructure and to make necessary development purposes.
1-3 computers  |  4-10 computers  |  11-... computers  |  Long-distance-maintenance



During consulting we turn into customer's business processes by mapping the current position, problems and needs. As a result we offer systemized documentation based on what we offer possible solutions. We offer the process from idea till realization.


Business software

Our main goal is to offer simply usable, with wide standard functions, user friendly and consistently developing business software. Therefor we are legal representatives of HansaWorld products.
HansaWorld products:
HansaRaama by HansaWorld   |  Enterprise by HansaWorld   
Taavi Salary  |  Taavi Personal  |  Taavi Timekeeping


Info systems

Customers who's have needs are crossing standard software we offer info system developing starting with initial task and ending with customer's support.
The main purpose of info system is to rise company's efficiency.



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