70% of business is defined by luck!


We build every day a successful company with our team! Our contribution to this is very significant. We have put our efforts towards different directions for years and now have reached a point where we see new paths. We have reached a point where we are at crossroads and see serious changes coming.  There are clear paths to watch and follow.  We have walked this road for a long time and on 18.01.2016 it will be 10 years.

It has been a journey that many have joined and few left! We have had many successes and now on the crossroads we are about to decide, how our next decade could become more successful. Like always with important things, luck establishes 70-80% of how things go, so Seneca’s words "Luck arrives when you have prepared for it" and old wisdom on how everyone can make their own luck will hold true to us.

We in IITEE decided collectively that before we move to our next decade will gather up as much luck as we can with a social media experiment. It is like saying "god speed" for the road we are to follow.

Thank you all that wished us luck! Thank you for those who saw through our game and still wished us luck! Your contribution has brought our team lots of exhilaration, breath of fresh air, interesting happenings, fun moments, pleasant reminders and has given us lots to talk about.

Thank you all! We as a team will start walking significantly more luckily on our new paths to reach our 10 year milestone in two months’ time.




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